leaves for don

Vast, majestic, and strong.

Notes of Chinese tea leaves, pomelo, plum blossom, and sweet grasses.

leaves for don



Viaggi’s Wonders of the World Collection of luxury candles were developed over three years of international travel and research. Each candle’s fragrance is a marriage of elements and ingredients you will truly find at the center of their locales, and have been meticulously designed to capture the aromas of the world’s most inspiring destinations.

Viaggi’s soy wax blend burns incredibly clean and lasts for 80 hours or more. Each candle is made with the highest fragrance load possible to enhance the rooms of your home and carry you away.

“The candle I chose burned so much slower than I expected, which was amazing because I never wanted it to end.”
—Ashley O., Viaggi Customer

Net Weight: 9 oz (255 G)
Burn time: 80 hours
Made in the USA

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The Inspiration

Vast, majestic and strong:
Discover the Great Wall of China,
rooted to the earth, yet visible to the heavens.
This is the land that gave birth to tea,
whose leaves have healed, awakened
and sustained us for ages.
The earthy, fresh scent of its leaves
mingles with bright pomelo,
cheerful plum blossoms
and fresh, sweet grasses.
Together, they will speak across time to
show you the grace and wisdom that
live in this magical place of land and sky.