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candle fragrances inspired by the wonders of the world

About Us

Scent is powerful. It can trigger a memory, ignite emotion, and inspire dreams.

When we went to China to adopt our daughter, we fell in love with her and with the fragrance of tea. Today, the smell of Chinese tea still transports us to that time and place - making the wonder of that journey as real today as it was then,

Viaggi Fragrances was born out of that experience.

Our mission is to capture the essence of the breath-taking wonders of the worlds through the signature scents of each location.

We started with The Great Wall of China, which, of course, includes the tea we fell in love with. For this scent, and for all the others that followed it, we researched the history, natural beauty, spices, plants, and flowers of the immediate area. 

Then we experimented with combinations of aromas that defined the personality of each wonder's beauty and magic. We didn't rest until we found just the right recipe to transport you to these beautiful places through the magical power of scent.

All the ingredients of each candle are true to the area that inspired it. Our hope is that our candles will bring the magic of the wonders of the world right into your home, and maybe even inspire you to set off on an adventure of your own.

Watch for more candles as we discover new, amazing fragrances inspired by this wonderful world we all s

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